Our Students

Our Students

Argila natural mud pool, Brazil Tour 2008

Batizado, Palmares, Brazil

Beijing, China students

Brasil Tour 2008

Cacau and Manteiga

Camping 2008

Camping 2007

Batizado lunch, Recife 2008

Dancing and Drumming

Fala Mansa and Superhomen

Falcao, Urso and Leao

Italiano and Borboleta

Ladies in Hats

Kids and Angelo the dog

Palmares, PE, students

Students of Sugar Cane Plant

Recife students 2008

Batizado Recife 2008

Vancouver Academy Roda

Matraca and Dancarina

Monitor Keko & students; Cavaleiros, Brazil

Students from Natal, RN

Osaka, Japan students

Batizado 2008, Recife students

Roda at Academy

Natal, RN, students 2008

Olinda – Alto da Se, 2008

Batizado 2007, Vancouver students

The boys – Camping Trip

Turtle Ride camping 2008

Brazil students 2008

Dancing + Drumming

Vancouver Children Festival

Camping 2008

Instrutor Pai Jam & students, Olinda, PE

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