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singer with microphone Monitor Camara (Sam Smith)

“Capoeira Instructor, Percussionist, Vocalist and Dancer”
Known as Camara, Sam has studied with Mestre Eclilson de Jesus since 1997, receiving his Formado belt in 2005 and Monitor in 2008. He began his teaching career as a teacher’s assistant at the age of 15. He is known for being multi-talented with outstanding acrobatic skills and a strong singing voice, Camara has trained as a dancer, actor and musician. A dynamic performer, he started performing with Aché Brasil in 2000. Recently Camara travelled to China with Mestre Eclilson, where he was featured on the cover of ‘Fitness and Beauty,’ a fitness magazine distributed throughout China. Camara believes in the positive energy of Capoeira to empower people and he is very disciplined with his workout.

singer with microphoneFormado Samurai (David de Jesus)
Samurai came to Canada in October 2007 to teach at Capoeira Aché Brasil’s Vancouver Academy but he first made contact with capoeira at seven years of age while training sporadically just for fun. At sixteen he started training more seriously in Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil under Professor Andre, who then left the country and asked Samurai to assist in teaching. At the age of 20 he trained with Professor Ratinho and began teaching on his own in Recife’s schools and community centres. Samurai earned his “Graduado” belt in 2005 and his “Formado” belt in 2006. For Samurai, Capoeira has no explanation. A person has to train in order to understand and feel the energy of the game. He believes that there’s no point in choosing to do Capoeira, because Capoeira chooses you.

Formada Borboleta (Vanessa de Jesus)
Daughter of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus. Borboleta began learning Capoeira at the age of 5 with her father. When she was 10 years old, she started a carrer in dancing and performing with Aché Brasil Touring group. Borboleta traveled many times to Brazil to perfect Capoeira and to learn other Afro-Brazilian dances. She began teaching Capoeira under her father’s supervision at the age of 16. She has been featured in music videos including, “The Rascals” and “Transfiguration” of Much Music, as well as many other TV programs including ZED/CBC, Select/MTV, On the Road Again/CBC. At the age of 17 she was invited to work as a Stunt Performer in a couple of episodes of Stargate.

Formado Manteiga (Mike Darling)
Manteiga has been practicing Capoeira for nearly a decade. A dedicated advocate of Capoeira Aché Brasil in Calgary, Manteiga works hard to sustain and grow Capoeira in Calgary as a student, teacher and group organizer. Always keen to learn and help others learn, Manteiga looks forward to many more years in the world of Capoeira. Ache!



LigeirinhoLigeirinho “Teacher Apprentice”
Aiezad aka Ligeirinho began researching, studying and also self learn Capoeira since 1998 until an encountered with Mestre Eclilson de Jesus in 2004 drew him to be with the grupo Capoeira Ache Brasil.

Ligeirinho is a Malaysian born in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He began his involvement with martial arts since he was 10 years old. He is been certified as the Founder of Capoeira Ache Brasil Academy in Malaysia and as an advance students of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus. Ligeirinho passionately believe that Capoeira is for everyone regardless of background and dedicating himself toward helping others to build a healthy community of Capoeira where everyone can share its positive energy and enjoy the Game called CAPOEIRA!!!!!!.

bajaBaravento (Fernando Sosa) “Teacher Aprentice”
Raised in Mexico, Fernando Sosa has encountered and beaten the many challenges in his life with a philosophy of disciplined athleticism. At an early age, when Fernando was still developing his skills in sports and martial arts, he realized the importance of creating a positive self-image through hard work and respect˜values that contradicted the widespread corruption in Mexican society at the time.

In 2001, he arrived in Vancouver to study English, inadvertently discovering what would become one of the great passions of his life: the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. After two years of diligent training under Mestre Eclilson de Jesus at the Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy, Barravento was granted the opportunity to travel to Osaka, Japan and act as head instructor at Capoeira Aché Brasil Osaka academy. Barravento now lives in Vancouver where he balances training and teaching Capoeira at Capoeira Aché Brasil with life as a father, husband and professional cook.



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