What is Batizado

The annual Capoeira graduation, called a Batizado (or “baptism”), is a 3–day festival, celebration and testing that allows visiting Mestres (masters) and students get to connected. Full of energy and emotions, this gathering gives place to an extraordinary exchange of information. It also allows the students to come in contact with the many cultural aspect of Capoeira.

This ceremony marks the evolution of a Capoeirista via their passage through the various cord (belt) colours. When a student is first baptized in Capoeira, he or she normally receives a nome de guerra (name of war), an apelido (nickname) based on a personal characteristic. This name is specially chosen by the Mestre in order to reflect the student’s reality in the world of Capoeira. This is an old custom which is still in use today.

Our Vancouver group holds it’s Batizado on Labour Day weekend (Friday to Sunday) each year. Sessions are held by visiting Mestres and Teachers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, finishing with the belt ceremony and show on Sunday.

We recommend that you reserve this weekend for this very important Capoeira event where you will receive your first belt and your Capoeira nickname, or upgrade your level.

Family and friends may attend the show and ceremony on Sunday, which is opened to the public.

batizado photo

batizado photo(2006 Vancouver Batizado)

batizado photo