Online Classes at Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy


If you have not yet tried a ZOOM class, please reach out for a FREE TRIAL. You won't regret it.  New students are welcome!

Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy

**First Intro to capoeira class is FREE! (for Adults and Children)**

We are busy behind the scenes looking into the possibility of reopening the studio offering smaller classes 3 times a week in accordance with BC's Restart Plan and WorkSafeBC guidelines.

Our fees for INTRO ZOOM classes:  Pay what you can via e-mail or unlimited Intro classes per month (Adults) for $80 p/mth.  Unlimited (Kids) for $40 p/mth.  Please email for more information:

Classes 7 days a  week!

341 East Broadway, near Main St.   E-mail:

CAPOEIRA class schedule before Covid-19.  See below

Aché Brasil Shows

***Performance at the Fusion Festival 2018, Surrey,BC, Canada

We have a show for everyone!

Aché Brasil performs for many venues and creates a show custom suited to every event such as,  festivals, theatres, concerts, special events, conventions, Brazilian Mardi-Gras, carnaval parades,batucadas, international children’s festivals and school shows.  More info: Types of shows

Our bigger shows include a full band, but we also have a smaller group, which incorporates drums and other traditional percussion in accompaniment to dances from Brasil.  Our children’s show is educational, entertaining and humorous, involving the children. It’s very popular at International Children’s festivals and school shows. More info:  Children's shows

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